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The Kena Kona Dance Center, popularly known as The Kena Kona, was founded by dancer and choreographer, Makena Kimani in July 2020. It was started during the first outbreak of COVID-19 as a way to provide virtual dance classes, in spite of the physical restrictions. Through this platform, locals have been able to take a variety of dance classes, as well as Kenyans and friends in the diaspora who get to reconnect with what feels like home.

Our vision is to be a holistic dance institution that creates awareness of dance as an art form.


Our goal is to educate, to create dance experiences , and to  share dance stories.


We hope to inspire dancers to believe in their dance dreams, and to improve the narrative of dance, one dancer friend at a time.


We would love your support.


Paybill Number: 222111

Account Number: 5968081

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